Wahaka Mezcal Part 1- How it is Crafted.

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2 Responses to Wahaka Mezcal Part 1- How it is Crafted.

  1. Alan Goodin says:

    Along with Earl Fish, I recently visited WAHAKA MEZCAL and was treated to a tour. I’d like to thank Alberto Morales in San Dionisio Orotepec (hope I spelled some of that right) for his hospitality. Hat’s off to WAHAKA MEZCAL. Alan Goodin .

    • Ed Draves says:

      Thank you for your reply. I’m glad someone else had the same incredible experience that I did. I’ve toured hundreds of wineries & distilleries in my 22 years in the Wine and Spirits business and my experience there was top notch.
      Did you spend any time in the fields? Their sustainable farming practices are impressive. I will be doing another blog entry on them and would love to hear what you say about it.
      [email protected]